• H2G C40i Full Color for 1/2 Price
    The Color H2G C40i model is designed for general office environments and is bundled with features that provide out-of the-box business productivity. [...]
  • H2G22i Green Copier
    Whether you're growing a company, or a corporate workgroup, the Hop2Green 22i Copier will give you the tools you need to create and distribute the information that fuels your business. [...]
  • The H2G iFax
    Hop 2 Green's iFax Internet Facsimile System offers you the flexibility and productivity you are looking for in a multifunctional office solution. [...]
  • Looking to Purchase?
    Check out Legend Business Group - the exclusive seller of Hop 2 Green machines.

  • Since we started…

    Since it’s inception Hop To Green has planted 57,000 trees and saved 20,000 acres of rain forest. We strive to be as environmentally proactive as humanly possible and we appreciate our customers being of the same mindset.

  • More Frog Jokes!

    Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

  • Green Washing
    As sustainability becomes more mainstream, more and more products today advertise their green credentials—with many displaying third-party certifications on their labels. But how can consumers know which certifications are legit? Greenwashing According to the FTC, companies that can’t back up the environmental claims they make about their products erode consumer confidence and undermine the good [...] [...]
  • How Much Waste Does An Office Produce?
    A typical office produces huge volumes of waste. For example, an office of 100 people produces on average 20 bags of waste a week. This fills one 1,100L waste bin a week This is equivalent to filling fifty 1,100L waste bins in a year!! The crazy thing is that over 90% of office waste can [...] [...]

Green Copiers

There is no wasteful packaging with a Hop2Green machine - Each unit is delivered by us securely wrapped in a cotton moving blanket. A Hop To "Green Machine" meets all of the Environmental Protection Agency's requirements for a "green copier."


Green Fax Machines

We specialize in helping our customers implement all the available features of the green machine, including fax to email, fax from desktop, scan to email and other useful features that avoid use of paper and toner, further decreasing carbon emissions.


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